22. Inspiration Part 2

Inspiration. Everyone’s inspiration is different, what sparks our interests or starts a fire in our soul varies within each person. Whatever it is, capture it and never let it go. My personal inspiration comes from a variety of forms. Enjoy this collection of images and videos that inspire me at this moment in time

Music: I know, so cliché for inspiration. However, I really am not a giant music person. I just like certain songs that inspire me, when writing or doing homework. This Ed Sheeran song I have been listening to at least three times a day. When not listening to this song on repeat, I love Mumford and Sons and Florence and the Machine for inspiration. Beautiful voices and lyrics.

Art: Art History was one of my favorite classes in High School. I love learning the history behind the paintings and admiring the beauty these artists create. My all time favorite artist is Edgar Degas, maybe its the ballerina in me, but I could stare at his paintings forever. The brush strokes, colors and emotion are enchanting. I also adore the “rococo art movement” and the whimsy it creates with the romantic features. The Swing  by Jean-Honoré Fragonard is one of my favorites. William Turner’s The Slave Ship is beautiful as well. Art is a great way to look for inspiration.

Places:I can not wait to travel the world. Experience culture, eat exotic food and visit important monuments. I think my love and want to travel inspires me because it is somewhat foreign and unknown. Although I have never been to Paris, I can imagine and dream what Paris feels like.

Food: Again. I promise I do not sit in my room and constantly eat all day long. I am just a foodie. With food, I enjoy looking at the textures food creates as well as the flavor combinations. The flavors that some chefs create are downright brilliant. One of my favorite weird foods in Eugene is a doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts called ‘puppy chow’. This is a chocolate dipped raised doughnut covered in chex mix, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. These crazy combinations have to invoke brilliance. Inspiration must come from all senses sight, hearing, touch, and taste!

Weather: Very Strange, but weather is so inspirational. I create best on rainy-overcast days. Good thing I’m living in Eugene right? Just the mood that one rainstorm creates can inspire greatness. 

What inspires you?


21. Dear Sophie Google Chrome Advertisment

I haven’t cried in school for a while, not since middle-school  when we watched The Notebook in 6th period English. Yet, today I was so close to tears when My Professor Deb Morrison showed this advertisement to our class. This ad was first streamed back in 2011 during an episode of “Saturday Night Live”.

The Times describes this top ten ad of 2011 as, “You are growing up so fast,” Dad writes in one subject line. ‘I’ve been writing you since you were born. I can’t wait to share these with you some day. Until then … Love, Dad.’ All this, over a piano and violin score that would make a witch well up.”

I love this ad. If I was watching Saturday Night Live and saw this ad come on I would be flabbergasted. Mostly because the popular type of ads that get thrown at us over and over again are using humor and supposed to be funny. Instead of using humor this heartfelt ad tells a story. A beautifully scripted story of love and family relationships. I actually appreciate the use of emotion in this ad, I think it works beautifully and demonstrates the wide variety of tasks Google can do. If I wasn’t already using Google or Google chrome, I would switch over now just by viewing this ad.  Larry Page, VP of marketing for Google, describes how he wanted to break the taboo.

“It’s obviously very contrary to what we normally do, and I think part of the reason we wanted to do it is for that reason. It sort of violates every known principle that we have, and every once in a while, you should test that you really have the right principles. You don’t want to end up too rigid. I think that’s maybe Montessori training or something”(wired)

Tech Crunch loved this ad so much they wrote an article on how to set up an e-mail account like the one in the “dear Sophie” spot. Very cool. I love the boldness of this campaign. It is not only brave but showcases google perfectly. It connects with viewers on a level that outrageous funny humor can not. Bravo Google,Bravo.


20. Inspiration Part 1

Inspiration is the driving force of creativity. One can not come up with brilliant ideas such as the iPad, or create monumental paintings such as Claude Monet’s Sunrise (Below) when you are feeling bored, exhausted, or discouraged. I believe creativity happens at your peak moments of inspiration and can not be forced. So how do you become inspired to create greatness?

The dictionary defines inspiration as:


I really love the idea of stimulating your mind, or an “agency” that prompts emotion and invention. That “agency” can be anything and everything, but basically sparks the idea. It is they key point of reference that leads you on a wild goose chase. I started researching these different types of “agencies” by  “googling” how to be inspired. Many “how-to” articles appeared giving examples of certain “agencies” to find inspiration in a persons everyday life. These articles told  me to read, draw, stretch your skills, write/keep a notebook, go for a walk, take time out of your day to watch actions, eat your favorite food, and so on to find inspiration.

Basically in these articles, the authors are giving some inspiration on how to find inspiration. Ha!  The truth is, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.-Jack London”. After researching, I came to the conclusion that in order to be inspired or come across inspiration a person must go “do” things and experience life. Unfortunately inspiration will not come sitting in your bed doing nothing. The world is out there, and it is your responsibility as a human being to go discover the resources available. However, that being said I often do find inspiration on the internet by seeing what other innovators, creatives, and conceptual have done. So I guess in some instances you may not need to get out of bed.

Stay tuned for my personal inspirations!


19. Advertisment Position Variation //Who’s Hiring?

Who’s Hiring? What type of skills are they looking for? What do Ad agencies want from us? Unfortunately I wish i knew the answer to my last question. I have been trying to research some ad agency jobs and titles that sound interesting to me, so I can narrow down my field of interest. I have come up against many walls and have figured out there is not one clear cut job description for each title for varying agencies. Each agency is different and  not only offers different services but have different mission statements and ways of life. I wish there was one cookie cutter answer , but then what would be the fun in that? isn’t that one of the reasons we, as creatives, do what we do?

Anyhow, while researching I found a couple of interesting job titles. Not necessarily that I would apply for, but that I could take parts of and apply to myself.

Here is a position for Mutt ad agency in Portland, Oregon:( Link)

Mutt 2013-02-16 at 12.23.49 PM

With this position, it is important to note the need for a social media talent. Although many people gawk and laugh at the downsides of social media, the truth is, social media is here to stay and ad agencies, like MUTT are hiring just that.

Takeaway: Get on top of my twitter game, research what brands are doing on social media, Can brands have a social media presence besides Facebook and twitter?

Code and Theory-New York Ad Agency (Link)

Code and Theory 2013-02-16 at 12.25.48 PM

I really like how code and theory used the word “liaison”. I think the “liaison” term is important for this account supervisor position. Why?Because people skills and  communicating with others is extremely important in this position. You must be able to “liaison”

Takeaway: Being able to communicate properly, Being able to explain an idea in multiple ways so many different types of people can understand, Be a people-pleaser without sucking up.

Modea Blacksburg, VA–Digital Ad Agency (Link)

Job Title: Account Director

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 10.15.51 AM

Modea’s account position focuses on leadership and responsibility. This small ad agency is looking more authority and initiative. Funny side note, their career/hiring page is titled “People we should’ve hired already” haha

Takeaway: Leadership and delegation skills are huge. You are what you make your job.

Matchstic Ad Agency-Atlanta,Georgia

Position: Relationship Manger

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 10.16.13 AM

I have never heard of this job title before. It sounds a lot like an account position, yet is stripped of the surface and is focusing on the core of what an account person should be doing: building relationships. I love the “nourishing and expanding relationships” with clients part.

Takeaway: People skills are a must, confidence, able to reassure clients as well as co-workers, responsibility, organization.

As you can see there are huge variations withing these 3 different agencies. Although some basic skills overlap between positions. Hopefully if I continue to do this process enough, I will figure out what in the world I want to do. Back to my research.


18. Makeup Packaging

I love makeup. I love the options of playing with color and texture. I love how a red lip can give instant-confidence, or how jet-black winged liner can transform my entire attitude. And because I love makeup, I tend to go shopping constantly at beauty stores-either Sephora or Ulta. Whenever I decide I’m going to go shopping, I usually have a list of beauty products I plan to get. I have specific things I need(more-often want) and go into the store with a plan. Well…..at least I try to stick to this plan. Yet, every time I always leave the cash-register with an “extra” beauty item. Why you might ask? Because of the beautifully detailed makeup-packaging. No matter how hard I try, I always end up with something extra.

One reason makeup packaging is always catching my attention is because, besides food label packaging it is some of the most detailed on the market. Refinery 29 describes our beauty addiction perfectly, “We’re not ashamed to admit that when it comes to beauty products, we are self-professed packaging whores. If it looks gorgeous on the outside, like a magpie to a shiny trinket — we are all over it”( Refinery 29). Because women buy beauty products to enhance and advance their natural features, it would make perfect sense that if buying beautiful things, the products themselves and packaging should be beautiful on the outside as well. Here are some of my favorite makeup brands that nail their packaging:

Nars: Sophisticated Chic

Nars packaging is one of my favorite. The luxury involved with the sleek black compacts and thin overlapping type face-just pleases all of my senses. “The Nars packaging is as classic, modern, luxurious, and chic as the product it houses…the Sleek black soft touch casings are the ultimate union of aesthetics and function.” (Nars) With the compact and durable packaging I feel like I am getting my money’s wort with their noir packaging.

Too Faced:  Romantic girly

Too faced is romantic as you can get.Gold detailing  and a mainly pink color tones with lots hearts and flowers attract a young audience. Yet, I am always drawn to their romantic packaging. They even have a blush in the shape of a heart for spring 2013. Too-faced keeps their packaging fun without being naive or too “little-kiddish”. They keep their packaging fresh and girly by coming out with new collections in which the packaging changes with the collection.

Pure Elegance: YSL

YSL, is a lot like Nars, it that they kept it simple, clean, and achieve ultimate perfection. However their main difference is choosing to use the gold reflective packaging. This could have turned bad, yet YSL made their packaging seem effortless and pure elegance. YSL products look beautiful displayed on your dresser, and the underlay of color just works.

The Balm: Sassy and Whimsical

The Balm’s packaging includes “pin-up-esque” icons, type face, and pictures. Each product is cleverly named, and  has very whimsical elaborate packaging. Although it may not be the professional packaging such as YSL or NARS, it works because The Balm is trying to reach a fun-loving, care-free audience. The packaging most importantly captures the essence of the brand, which is extremely important.


17. Growth// To-do List

Being a Journalism major and a creative, there is always room to learn. Journalism is such a broad spectrum that you need to know many different fields of journalism and have a expansive skill set. Unlike a mathematician who needs to know a variety of equations or an English major who needs to know literary criticizing, Journalism is extremely broad and requires an abundance of skills and tools.

Essentially this is my list of things I am going to learn in order to become a more well-rounded, prepared, creative, journalism student.  I have been thinking of this list for a while, but decided to fully write it down. Get ready world-I’m coming for you full force! Although the list in my head is at least at 100 things, here are my top ten skill sets I would like the learn and know the end of 2013. I don’t have to be a master, but I need to know a lot more than the basics of each platform.

  1. Coding
  2. Wire Frame (how to make a mobile website)
  3. Brief Writing
  4. Excel
  5. Keynote
  6. Portfolio Website:(http://cargocollective.com/racheldavidson)– stronger
  7. (kick ass) Resume: (again, needs to be stronger)
  8. Twitter–@racheldavidso
  9. In Design, Creative Suite
  10. Presentation skills/Confidence

I am excited to start tackling these tasks and crossing them off. I have skimmed the surface of some of these, but excited to really start digging. Although this list seems quite long and daunting, I keep reminding myself of how far I have come, even in the past year. With all of my journalism and other UO classes I have learned up to today:

  1. Final Cut Pro-How to shoot and edit videos
  2. Photography skills
  3. Research paper writing
  4. Interview Skills
  5. A little bit of In Design. Here is a fake magazine cover I made just last week:In Design Skill Set Fake Mag Cover

I am going to continue to plug along, and keep learning. As long as I take it one step at a time, I can accomplish anything. Taking advantage of all the wonderful opportunities at University of Oregon, I will make the most of my college education and be ready for the “real world”.


P.S. Thank you to all of my friends and family for reading my blog. I appreciate support and encouragment about my new blogging adventure!

16. Brand Bravery

For my Creative Strat Advertising class I was given the prompt to write a smart, exciting, interesting article/essay on my personal opinions of brand bravery.  Although vague, I came up with a set of guidelines that I personally believe showcase bravery.

Here is a condensed/shortened version of my paper. To view the full essay, click here.

Branding a Hero

To earn the word “bravery” brands should behave with integrity, consumer/community-driven ideas, social good, respect, and authenticity. I strongly believe there is no such thing as a “bad” or “good” brand, but brands that rightfully choose to act upon these behavior traits. These brands, in turn have a positive impact on our communities. Not for popularity but the integrity the brand. “Over time, products and services will come and go, but the brand that provides them will remain constant. And brands will be defined by the sum total of those experiences, rather than the products or services themselves” (Bedbury 16)[ii] These companies face challenges and make conscious choices everyday in what direction their brand is headed. Those that exhibit bravery normally go outside the norm and do something innovative, exciting, and smart. As well as and what they personally believe is right, not what is right in the eyes of the consumer culture.

First lets start with integrity, the “consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principals, expectations, and outcomes…also honesty and truthfulness”. (Webster)[iii] Just as people can have integrity, so can brands. I believe the main importance of this definition is consistency. If a brand chooses to be inconsistent, how can we as consumers trust that brand? We as consumers must also consider the brand’s values.  Part of this is deciding if “…a company should and, more important, could live up to being a good citizen.”(Owsley)[iv] I would argue that a large majority of brands today do not have integrity because they are purely profit driven. However one brand exceptionally exhibits integrity, Chipotle Mexican Grill. Chipotle is one of the many fast food chains in America. Like most fast food companies they serve a variety of meat. What Chipotle does differently though, and bravely, is that they made the radical choice to buy meat from sustainable farms.

These farms have “respect for the animals, environment, and farmers” and do not inject their animals with harmful chemicals. CEO Steve Ells says, “When I started Chipotle in 1993, I wanted to demonstrate that just because food is served fast, doesn’t mean it needs to be typical fast food, which relies on low-cost, low-quality ingredients. “Food with integrity” is about sustainable food, responsible treatment of the land and animals[vi] By investing in these farms and paying a higher price tag for meat and other local goods, Chipotle is making a difference in communities across America. Chipotle had an option to buy cheaper meat sources, yet instead the brand is changing the norm of factory farms altogether. Brand integrity, and doing what is right for your community is important. The idea of sticking to your values and beliefs and showcasing that through how your brand is strategized, is extremely brave.

Brands do not have to be hero or save the world to demonstrate bravery. However, brands do need to be a ‘good citizen’ and should behave with integrity, consumer/community-driven ideas, social good, respect, and authenticity. Although brands may have radical and new advertisements, it doesn’t mean the brand is brave, we as consumers must determine these differences and fully support the brands we believe in.