5. Bedside Table

What does my bedside table say about me? That is a question my advertising professor Deb Morrison posed. Well, I think objects are a close representation of who a person is, and my nightstand should reflect that. The Huffington post even says, “Your night stand may say more about you than any other piece of furniture in your home.” They also have a clever article on how to organize your nightstand for a better sleep. Objects, clothing, and stuff are an extension of yourself. Case in point, you do not spend money on things that you hate. Well world, follow me on a journey to my most intimate place. Here is my current Eugene residence bedside table.


Lavender lamp- with a pull string  from Bed Bath and Beyond. Purple is my favorite color, and dominates my room. I

Pillow Mist- no, I am not that fancy. Yes I like milk and honey scented pillows. Am I weird?

Matching pillow mist lotion– in a glass blue milk jar with the same whimsical scent. I never use it. It is pretty to look at though.

Glass shaped bowl filled with 5 lib balms, 1 lotion, and 1 cuticle salve-I love non crinkly lips and soft cuticles. Sue me.


Miscellaneous bobby pins- love love love bobby pins, yet I will always take them out and never put them in their proper place. I am buying these mini torture devices constantly because I often vacuum them up. Ooops.

Tiffany blue glasses case-  inside holds my purple glasses. I only wear my glasses in the morning. My vision is slowly deteriorating and am prescribed with  -4.25 vision. I haven’t run into any walls…..yet.

Beach Grass Candle: brings me back to summer, very relaxing. I also have a slight candle obsession and like delicious smelling things.

My iPad- oh how I love you. Favorite apps of the moment are: Mint, Iconpopquiz, Crackle, and Flow. Books I am currently reading include:

  • Idea industry by Deb Morrisson
  • Going to far by Jennifer Echols
  • Pushing the Limits by Katie McGary
  • A new Brand World by Scott Bedbury
  • The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

Blank journal- epic fail-enough said.

Retainer- I never wear it, sorry mom 😦

Plastic Aviators -After I complained to a Comcast booth on 13th street that my internet was not working(back in September when I moved in) they said sorry and then handed me these. Going in the trash ASAP.

Mini Book Light- one of my favorite activities is reading, especially in bed with my purple fuzzy blanket and blackberry tea.

Don’t have a bedside table? Here is a link for one of my favorite home-style blogs,(Mint Love Social Club) that demonstrates a great way to re-vamp a bedside table. Check it out!

Whats on your bedside table?


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