6. Breaking The Bubble // Do what makes you happy

Dave Allen, Digital Strategist at Advertising Agency-NORTH. One word-Wow!!! I went to  his discussion on music, media, and technology Thursday night at the Journalism School at University of Oregon, and I am still in awe. He is so forward thinking and really challenges his audience to be the change. After stalking his various social media sites and reading some of his blog posts, I found this video Dave Allen posted on the NORTH blog website.

When Dave Allen talked, he not only explained a lot about technology and the ever-changing mobile platform but also made a key point of explaining the idea of  “breaking the bubble”. This particular idea really stuck in my head. Most people, not everybody, gets stuck in this “bubble” and is afraid to be the change, or voice their differing opinion.  Many people in this world do the same thing that has been carved out for them(jobs/careers, opinions, ideas) without straying from the path. That is boring. I don’t want to follow in someones footsteps. I want to BE THE CHANGE. I want to pave my own path. I want to come up with creative solutions and exciting ideas that positively aids our population.

Truth is, it is scary. The future is scary. What if I am not preparing enough now? What will people think? What if I disappoint my friends and family? Essentially, how do I break this infinite bubble. I do not know the complete answer today. However,  I do know that to even come close to puncturing the inner walls of the bubble,  I must 1. take chances and 2. follow my passions. (1.) Taking chances by not being scared of and taking advantage of every opportunity and never doubting myself along the way. And secondly (2.) I must follow my passions in life and do what makes me happy. How can I make a change if i don’t even like what I’m changing?

Although the future is scary, I know I can be a change. I am not trying to be arrogant, but instead voice my excitement about the infinite possibilities my future holds. Daunting as it seems, I am excited to tackle these challenges and push myself beyond limitations.Alan_Watts

The video (narrated by Alan Watts and edited by TradegyandHope) attached above really resonated with me. Especially as a college student, I do not know what my future holds. However after watching and re-watching this video, I know I must, and will do something that makes me happy, and that I enjoy. What else is life for if not to do things that makes you happy?

“Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way.” Alan Watts

What do YOU desire? Will YOU be the change?


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