7. Superbowl 2013 Advertisements #brandbowl

The Superbowl, America’s favorite day. I have a confession, the only part of the Superbowl I watched was Beyoncé’s half-time performance. Beyoncé is beyond perfection. I love love loved her brilliant performance-Wow! Anyways, Superbowl advertisements are some of the most popular ads of all time. Advertising agencies and Brands compete for the chance to have a 30 second spot aired. Many brands and companies even pay up to 4 million dollars. If you missed the ads, The Huffington Post did  a great wrap-up on all of the Superbowl ads hits and misses.

Here are some of my favorites from the big day:

Favorite 2013: Jeep

My all time favorite was the commercial by Jeep. It featured a heartfelt video-slideshow that didn’t include the newest 4-wheel drive feature or how soft the leather seat cushions were. Instead Jeep  focused on  how they’re partnership with USO to bring our troops home. Jeep cares about our troops and this beautiful heartwarming advertisement demonstrated just that. Oprah Winfrey’s voiceover helped too.

“Hands down, the winner was Chrysler because of American pride,” said Jim Joseph, president of North America division for Cohn & Wolfe.

Funniest: Best Buy

Although I didn’t find any ads to be both entertaining and true to the product. (really Tide…..Montanaland?) I thoroughly enjoyed Amy Poehler ad with miniscule mentions of Best Buy. ABC even released a guide to the answers to all of Poehler’s questions. Amy Poehler is one of the funniest actresses in hollywood today, and she gave a hysterical performance. However, critics didn’t find it to be a shinning star,  “Celebrities in ads are a gamble. Smart marketers know the brand should be in the spotlight, not the spokesperson. But in this spot it was Poehler shining brightly, all alone.” (Forbes) Either way, I loved her frantic, “What is the Cloud?, Where is the Cloud?, Are we in the Cloud?”

Honorable Mention: Samsung

Overall though, I was disappointed. For 4 million dollars of 30-seconds these ads should be unflawed. However, 72&Sunny produced a hilarious “Superbowl ad spoof” for Samsung. “Are you sure you are not here to see Sam Sung?” Although the media is saying it’s a cop-out, I disagree, I am glad someone finally shed light on how ridiculous outrageous these Superbowl ads are. Am I rushing out to buy a Samsung HTC phone or got a sense of  the Samsung brand or what they are doing for America? No. However, a thoroughly enjoyable ad.

Tear Jerker: Budweiser

Again, I like that Budweiser chose not to showcase the beer and ‘having a good time with alcoholic beverages’, but instead focused on family values and relationships. They didn’t go cuteness overload( Yes im looking at you KIA), and by the end of the 2 minutes I was crying over the reunion.

What was your favorite ad during superbowl 2013?


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