8. Passion-Baking

In one of my last post’s I talked about following your passions in life. Although I have a lot of different passions, today I want to talk about one of those passions–food. One of my favorite activities is cooking and baking. Growing up I was always in the kitchen. I can remember watching my mom fold flaky crusts over cinnamon apples for her famous apple pie, and standing on my chair next to the counter with wooden-spoon in hand. I was always a better “stirrer” than my brother. 😉


Rugelach-Hanukkah Cookies

Food is something so special that you can share with friends and family. As well as the constant point of every gathering and celebration. By baking a  double chocolate caramel cake or making homemade mac and cheese(Image Below), a meal is a gathering point e to sit down relax and enjoy what you are eating  with a group of people you love. Today, I still love cooking. I still watch Giada De Laurentiis make the perfect chicken parmesan ,bake cupcakes on the weekend for fun, and read Bon Appetit’s blog daily.  Even though it is harder in a college setting, I find making a meal so relaxing. Cooking is one of my favorite activities because you get to eat and enjoy all of your hard work and share whatever you are making with family and friends; plus it is delicious.

cooking with friends

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