9. Trader Joe’s Packaging

Being a giant foodie-I love Trader Joe’s-almost even more than Target. Not only does Trader Joe’s have the best new,interesting products and great prices, but I am obsessed with their packaging.  Everything at Trader Joe’s is packaged to perfection. With curly script, fun colors, and whimsical design Trader Joe’s pays attention to miniscule details and design factors. Although Trader Joes’s is a generic brand, there is nothing generic about their labels and decorative approach. TraderJoes1

I think one of the main reasons TJ’s chose to expand on basic grocery store packaging labels is to make perusing the isles fun. Grocery shopping can be a chore in our busy lives, yet somehow I always look forward to shopping at Trader Joe’s. Instead of boring pasta packaging in a clear bag there is an emerald-green and bright yellow label with hand drawn lemons over the packaging. This fun, fruity packaging grabs my attention and demands that I purchase this pasta.  The overly swirly feminine font helps too. traderjoes Cory Bernat, a food historian, says:

“Package colors, materials, and other design elements are very deliberate. Much like advertising, packaging appeals to our emotions and directs our attention to specific product features, like health claims or a free toy, while distracting attention from other details, like small serving sizes or questionable ingredients”

Why wouldn’t companies use fun colors and serif fonts like TJ’s to catch our attention. Not necessarily to distract from the product inside but just to make shopping less boring. Here are 60 Creative examples of Food Packaging outside of Trader Joes:which is number 1 in my opinion! DSC_0185

One of the key packaging traits that catches consumers eyes is color. Although there have been many different studies evaluating color especially in cereal packaging, choosing a color for your package is very important. A University of Wisconsin Study by Rob Kaszubowski says that food labels, ” use characteristic color” which associates the color of the packaging to the taste of the product. ” An example would be these brown colored accents in the box of frosting mix to the right demonstrates a chocolate taste.

However some people disagree and are not falling head over heals for the Trader Joe’s packaging.  My Plastic Free Life Blog made the argument that Trader Joe’s over-packages and is not environmentally friendly or sustainable. Either way, I as a consumer appreciate the thought and attention that goes into the packaging of each product at Trader Joe’s.

What is your opinion on TJ’s packaging?


One thought on “9. Trader Joe’s Packaging

  1. I agree with you that Trader Joe’s does have fun packaging! I always find myself leaving with more than I needed to get because the fun labels and quirky advertisements throughout the store convince me I need to try these cool new items.

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