10. Food Advertising

While browsing the top ads of the week, I came across this advertisement by Widen and Kennedy London that caught my eye:

I love this. I not only adore the amazing close-up visuals, simple script, and gladitor-esque fight song music in the background, but also the simple message at the end: “Tomorrow were ready for you”. All while demonstrating different mac and cheeses with Lurpak butter. Widen and Kennedy did a great job illustrating that cooking is an everyday essential for families ‘getting through the week’ and Lurpack butter can help.

Yet, after realizing how much I loved this ad, I came to the conclusion that I could not think of very many other food advertisements that I loved, or even liked. Food advertisements suck. Yet, somehow these awful food ads are the ones that get stuck in my head, and I have continued to remember. Hopefully most of you have forgotten the awful Paris Hilton sex car wash controversial Carl’s Jr. commercial:

In case you missed it then here is an updated 2013 version done by 72 and Sunny for Carl’s Jr. At least this one excludes the Car wash.

Why are consumers constantly put through these awful food ads? And why must they always be connected with sex? I do not have the answer for you today, but instead am constantly looking for better options. I want to prove, and find,  that food advertisements can be amazing. This new ad for Lurpak butter done by the advertising agency Widen and Kennedy London does just that. I was blown away by the simplicity of the Ad, all while avoiding sex or celebrities to sell their product.

Another one of my favorite ‘good’ food advertisements is the funny M & M spot release during last years Superbowl by BBDO New York. This commercial has continued to be my favorite. I love the originality of the ad, as well as the personification of the M&M’s personality’s. I also continue to laugh at the funniness of the situation.

Food advertisements need to step up their game. Plain and Simple.


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