13. Twitter Fails

In my last post about I talked about how  Oreo efficiently uses twitter. Twitter is a great tool, and Oreo proves just how brands should be accessing twitter. However, this post will all be about twitter fails. First I want to discuss a little bit about the “good” twitter, which can be a great social marketing and media tool. If used properly, Twitter is able to connect people, people you may not normally have been able to reach. I have heard countless stories of people getting jobs through twitter and having intellectual conversations with ad agencies, authors, and even brands. Twitter allows a virtual conversation (virtual in the sense it is not face to face) and a place where people can ask simple 140 character questions that can be answered almost instantly. Twitter is a way to connect the mass-market consumer with a brand or celebrity. Twitter is a powerful tool here to stay. That being said, many people and brands are not using twitter to its fullest potential or simply just being dumb.

Without further ado, here are my Top 4 Twitter Fails:

1. Carnival Cruise

A huge event in the past couple of weeks  is when a Carnival cruise ship that was stranded at sea, or as many are saying the  #cruisefromhell on twitter. “Ideally, Carnival already would have a strong PR video up in the social strata, said Larry Tolpin, president of hospitality-focused agency Paradise. That said, a lot of repair could still be done if the brand reacts quickly and creatively, he added.” (ADWEEK) Especially when the hashtag #Cruisefromhell is trending, the least the carnival twitter could do would be to put out some reassuring tweets or damage control. Instead I found this:

Carnival Cruise Disaster Twitter

Who cares that this cruise got free towels and that Carnival is sorry?? Instead I want to hear that they are personally refunding the guests and sending out apologies. In terms of advertising,“Carnival spokeswoman Joyce Oliva said there were no immediate plans to reassure customers about Carnival in advertising” (AdAge) However, I really wish they would have addressed the situation on twitter  or some sort of advertisement rather than avoiding the issue altogether.

2. Kitchen Aid

When hiring someone to manage a brand’s twitter account, one should probably look into a candidate who has intelligence and common sense. Unfortunately, twitter malfunctions and tweets from individuals instead of brands happen repeatedly in the twitter community. A prime example would be KitchenAid’s tweet just last year:

Although this tweet is horrific, it is  clearly from an intern. KitchenAid did rapidly respond by apologizing and saying “The tasteless joke in no way represents our values at KitchenAid, and that person won’t be tweeting for us anymore.” (Huffington Post) Lesson learned: please give twitter duties only to responsible adults.

3. Kenneth Cole //using trending #’s irresponsibly

Unfortunately I can not say that this next one is a simple mistake like #2. Instead of twitter interns being irresponsible, this tweet came from Kenneth Cole(CEO) himself (signed -kc). This tweet was taking advantage of #Cairo ,at the time it was trending. Kenneth Cole decide to #Cairo for personal gains of selling his spring collection.

Times author says, “Imagine you’re a fashion mogul, looking to make witty comments about current events to promote your brand. Is it too soon to make an Egypt joke?Yes. Of course it’s too soon” (TIMES) . Duh!!! Although this was back in 2011 even today people are still taking advantages of trending topics of natural disasters.(See Below American Apparel) If this isn’t wrong and the ABSOLUTE WORST form of advertising, I don’t know what is.

4. Burger King//Jeep

Within the last 24 there has been a twitter hacker on two major accounts–BK and Jeep. However instead of a bad brand image, it has reportedly  boosted Burger King’s twitter  followers by 30,000. (ADWEEK) Burger Kings First tweet(Hacked) reads:

(@DFNCTSC is a Twitter account with no tweets; DFNCTSC apparently stands for Defonic Team Screenname Club, aka the Defonic Crew — a hacker collective associated with breaching Paris Hilton’s T-Mobile account back in 2005.) –(AdAge)

The funny part is that it took Burger King a full hour to recover their twitter account. Although posting pictures of syringe needles and other nonsense, BK managed to get many followers out of the stunt, as well as this funny re-tweet “Somebody needs to tell Burgerking that ‘whopper123’ isn’t a secure password” (@fibblesan).

However, Jeep did not have the same luck when there twitter account was hacked today(Tuesday Feb. 19th) “A universe of tweeps seem to let out a collective #yawn, as only a couple thousand people clicked to follow the automotive brand”-AdWeek. In words of @fibblesan– companies and brands need to come up with secure passwords to avoid getting hacked.

Please tweet responsibly


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