17. Growth// To-do List

Being a Journalism major and a creative, there is always room to learn. Journalism is such a broad spectrum that you need to know many different fields of journalism and have a expansive skill set. Unlike a mathematician who needs to know a variety of equations or an English major who needs to know literary criticizing, Journalism is extremely broad and requires an abundance of skills and tools.

Essentially this is my list of things I am going to learn in order to become a more well-rounded, prepared, creative, journalism student.  I have been thinking of this list for a while, but decided to fully write it down. Get ready world-I’m coming for you full force! Although the list in my head is at least at 100 things, here are my top ten skill sets I would like the learn and know the end of 2013. I don’t have to be a master, but I need to know a lot more than the basics of each platform.

  1. Coding
  2. Wire Frame (how to make a mobile website)
  3. Brief Writing
  4. Excel
  5. Keynote
  6. Portfolio Website:(http://cargocollective.com/racheldavidson)– stronger
  7. (kick ass) Resume: (again, needs to be stronger)
  8. Twitter–@racheldavidso
  9. In Design, Creative Suite
  10. Presentation skills/Confidence

I am excited to start tackling these tasks and crossing them off. I have skimmed the surface of some of these, but excited to really start digging. Although this list seems quite long and daunting, I keep reminding myself of how far I have come, even in the past year. With all of my journalism and other UO classes I have learned up to today:

  1. Final Cut Pro-How to shoot and edit videos
  2. Photography skills
  3. Research paper writing
  4. Interview Skills
  5. A little bit of In Design. Here is a fake magazine cover I made just last week:In Design Skill Set Fake Mag Cover

I am going to continue to plug along, and keep learning. As long as I take it one step at a time, I can accomplish anything. Taking advantage of all the wonderful opportunities at University of Oregon, I will make the most of my college education and be ready for the “real world”.


P.S. Thank you to all of my friends and family for reading my blog. I appreciate support and encouragment about my new blogging adventure!

One thought on “17. Growth// To-do List

  1. Rachel, I am excited for your to do list. 2 corrections: what is a “creative” first sentence. Feel like you wanted to say creative person, creative student, creative being….saying i am a creative doesn’t make sense. 2nd paragraph 3rd sentence, did you mean but or bud?

    Keep up the hard work, you are a terrific student. mom

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