18. Makeup Packaging

I love makeup. I love the options of playing with color and texture. I love how a red lip can give instant-confidence, or how jet-black winged liner can transform my entire attitude. And because I love makeup, I tend to go shopping constantly at beauty stores-either Sephora or Ulta. Whenever I decide I’m going to go shopping, I usually have a list of beauty products I plan to get. I have specific things I need(more-often want) and go into the store with a plan. Well…..at least I try to stick to this plan. Yet, every time I always leave the cash-register with an “extra” beauty item. Why you might ask? Because of the beautifully detailed makeup-packaging. No matter how hard I try, I always end up with something extra.

One reason makeup packaging is always catching my attention is because, besides food label packaging it is some of the most detailed on the market. Refinery 29 describes our beauty addiction perfectly, “We’re not ashamed to admit that when it comes to beauty products, we are self-professed packaging whores. If it looks gorgeous on the outside, like a magpie to a shiny trinket — we are all over it”( Refinery 29). Because women buy beauty products to enhance and advance their natural features, it would make perfect sense that if buying beautiful things, the products themselves and packaging should be beautiful on the outside as well. Here are some of my favorite makeup brands that nail their packaging:

Nars: Sophisticated Chic

Nars packaging is one of my favorite. The luxury involved with the sleek black compacts and thin overlapping type face-just pleases all of my senses. “The Nars packaging is as classic, modern, luxurious, and chic as the product it houses…the Sleek black soft touch casings are the ultimate union of aesthetics and function.” (Nars) With the compact and durable packaging I feel like I am getting my money’s wort with their noir packaging.

Too Faced:  Romantic girly

Too faced is romantic as you can get.Gold detailing  and a mainly pink color tones with lots hearts and flowers attract a young audience. Yet, I am always drawn to their romantic packaging. They even have a blush in the shape of a heart for spring 2013. Too-faced keeps their packaging fun without being naive or too “little-kiddish”. They keep their packaging fresh and girly by coming out with new collections in which the packaging changes with the collection.

Pure Elegance: YSL

YSL, is a lot like Nars, it that they kept it simple, clean, and achieve ultimate perfection. However their main difference is choosing to use the gold reflective packaging. This could have turned bad, yet YSL made their packaging seem effortless and pure elegance. YSL products look beautiful displayed on your dresser, and the underlay of color just works.

The Balm: Sassy and Whimsical

The Balm’s packaging includes “pin-up-esque” icons, type face, and pictures. Each product is cleverly named, and  has very whimsical elaborate packaging. Although it may not be the professional packaging such as YSL or NARS, it works because The Balm is trying to reach a fun-loving, care-free audience. The packaging most importantly captures the essence of the brand, which is extremely important.


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