20. Inspiration Part 1

Inspiration is the driving force of creativity. One can not come up with brilliant ideas such as the iPad, or create monumental paintings such as Claude Monet’s Sunrise (Below) when you are feeling bored, exhausted, or discouraged. I believe creativity happens at your peak moments of inspiration and can not be forced. So how do you become inspired to create greatness?

The dictionary defines inspiration as:


I really love the idea of stimulating your mind, or an “agency” that prompts emotion and invention. That “agency” can be anything and everything, but basically sparks the idea. It is they key point of reference that leads you on a wild goose chase. I started researching these different types of “agencies” by  “googling” how to be inspired. Many “how-to” articles appeared giving examples of certain “agencies” to find inspiration in a persons everyday life. These articles told  me to read, draw, stretch your skills, write/keep a notebook, go for a walk, take time out of your day to watch actions, eat your favorite food, and so on to find inspiration.

Basically in these articles, the authors are giving some inspiration on how to find inspiration. Ha!  The truth is, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.-Jack London”. After researching, I came to the conclusion that in order to be inspired or come across inspiration a person must go “do” things and experience life. Unfortunately inspiration will not come sitting in your bed doing nothing. The world is out there, and it is your responsibility as a human being to go discover the resources available. However, that being said I often do find inspiration on the internet by seeing what other innovators, creatives, and conceptual have done. So I guess in some instances you may not need to get out of bed.

Stay tuned for my personal inspirations!


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