21. Dear Sophie Google Chrome Advertisment

I haven’t cried in school for a while, not since middle-school  when we watched The Notebook in 6th period English. Yet, today I was so close to tears when My Professor Deb Morrison showed this advertisement to our class. This ad was first streamed back in 2011 during an episode of “Saturday Night Live”.

The Times describes this top ten ad of 2011 as, “You are growing up so fast,” Dad writes in one subject line. ‘I’ve been writing you since you were born. I can’t wait to share these with you some day. Until then … Love, Dad.’ All this, over a piano and violin score that would make a witch well up.”

I love this ad. If I was watching Saturday Night Live and saw this ad come on I would be flabbergasted. Mostly because the popular type of ads that get thrown at us over and over again are using humor and supposed to be funny. Instead of using humor this heartfelt ad tells a story. A beautifully scripted story of love and family relationships. I actually appreciate the use of emotion in this ad, I think it works beautifully and demonstrates the wide variety of tasks Google can do. If I wasn’t already using Google or Google chrome, I would switch over now just by viewing this ad.  Larry Page, VP of marketing for Google, describes how he wanted to break the taboo.

“It’s obviously very contrary to what we normally do, and I think part of the reason we wanted to do it is for that reason. It sort of violates every known principle that we have, and every once in a while, you should test that you really have the right principles. You don’t want to end up too rigid. I think that’s maybe Montessori training or something”(wired)

Tech Crunch loved this ad so much they wrote an article on how to set up an e-mail account like the one in the “dear Sophie” spot. Very cool. I love the boldness of this campaign. It is not only brave but showcases google perfectly. It connects with viewers on a level that outrageous funny humor can not. Bravo Google,Bravo.


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