22. Inspiration Part 2

Inspiration. Everyone’s inspiration is different, what sparks our interests or starts a fire in our soul varies within each person. Whatever it is, capture it and never let it go. My personal inspiration comes from a variety of forms. Enjoy this collection of images and videos that inspire me at this moment in time

Music: I know, so cliché for inspiration. However, I really am not a giant music person. I just like certain songs that inspire me, when writing or doing homework. This Ed Sheeran song I have been listening to at least three times a day. When not listening to this song on repeat, I love Mumford and Sons and Florence and the Machine for inspiration. Beautiful voices and lyrics.

Art: Art History was one of my favorite classes in High School. I love learning the history behind the paintings and admiring the beauty these artists create. My all time favorite artist is Edgar Degas, maybe its the ballerina in me, but I could stare at his paintings forever. The brush strokes, colors and emotion are enchanting. I also adore the “rococo art movement” and the whimsy it creates with the romantic features. The Swing  by Jean-Honoré Fragonard is one of my favorites. William Turner’s The Slave Ship is beautiful as well. Art is a great way to look for inspiration.

Places:I can not wait to travel the world. Experience culture, eat exotic food and visit important monuments. I think my love and want to travel inspires me because it is somewhat foreign and unknown. Although I have never been to Paris, I can imagine and dream what Paris feels like.

Food: Again. I promise I do not sit in my room and constantly eat all day long. I am just a foodie. With food, I enjoy looking at the textures food creates as well as the flavor combinations. The flavors that some chefs create are downright brilliant. One of my favorite weird foods in Eugene is a doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts called ‘puppy chow’. This is a chocolate dipped raised doughnut covered in chex mix, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. These crazy combinations have to invoke brilliance. Inspiration must come from all senses sight, hearing, touch, and taste!

Weather: Very Strange, but weather is so inspirational. I create best on rainy-overcast days. Good thing I’m living in Eugene right? Just the mood that one rainstorm creates can inspire greatness. 

What inspires you?


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