27. Re-Branding Pt. 2 // Food Network’s New Logo

I mentioned in my last post a re-branding strategy that worked extremely well for Tazo Tea, especially with the new logo design. However, not all brands can re-brand successfully. They either do not need to re-brand or make minor changes that are completely unnecessary. One example of this is  the Food Network. In January of 2013 they launched this new logo along with other graphics. Food network claimed it was for their 20 year anniversary. Consequently, the logo was already redone 10 years ago in 2003.

Food Network’s strategy ” aims to inspire new ways of connecting to the beloved brand while also preserving what fans have come to know and trust, truly reflecting the power brand’s evolution over the last two decades” (Via the branding Source)

An earlier Food Network Logo

I absolutely detest this new logo. It is way too subtle of a change. The metal rim is awful and the font change is too minimal. I understand the look of the plate but cannot understand how this would be appealing. Many customers and fans agree. When unveiling the new logo in a blog post, comments ranged from “horrible and cold.. Are you trying to push fans away?” to “Already looks dated, the older one looks more modern” says critics on the Food Network page (Food Network)

A recent time article about consumer response to logos says that “A logo redesign is usually supposed to convey a message to consumers It’s just that sometimes consumers don’t always hear the message” ( Time) Both fans and I agree, this re-branding is not going to help the Food Network any. Only time will tell if this re-branding hurts them in the long run.

Food Network, what have you done???



26. Re-branding// Tazo Tea new Logo

A logo is everything. It is how a consumer can differentiate multiple brands  in our consumer culture world. Today the average consumer is exposed to an average of 5,000 brands and brand messages  compared to 500 in 1970. (CBS) Wow, what a difference. A brand’s logo can differentiate between the masses for the consumer. A logo is what catches our eye first, the color, shape, and recognizable aspects are all key. A simple swish indicates the iconic Nike brand. Michael Poh a popular blogger analyzes many popular brand’s evolving logo changes. Poh states, “A logo, if designed effectively, can bring to people’s mind the unique selling proposition of an organization, which inevitably promotes the company on a sub-conscious level.”( Source)

Recently though I have noticed more re-branding and logo changes. It may be because I just finished my first advertising class and am more aware. However the case, three main 2013 re-logos have stood out to me: Tazo Tea, American Airlines, and Food Network.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 1.03.58 PM

First lets start with Tazo.  Daniele Monti the head Starbucks global creative director was interviewed about the brands new logo and packaging design. *Side note: this interview is very well written and extremely informative with a behind the scene look at every aspect of the re-branding including the original cross in the ‘O’–a MUST read*  Tazo went from mid-century gothic chic to clean and modern. The tazo tea drinker is ‘to be curious and well-traveled”. I personally love the re-branding. Within all of the other tea brands the stark white background looks pristine, and the typeface has  sophistication.  This re-logo is one example where it is a drastic enough change to be different, yet still keeps with the original theme.

02 19 13 Tazo 7

Daniele Monti states, “Tazo first launched in the mid 90s with its mythical, Zen, new age, almost ethereal look, with Shamans and all. The brand really represented the times; it invoked a sense of humor and wit into the then boring tea category…The (new) idea was to make sure that the brand was modernized and brought back as a leading brand as it had been before without loosing all the good things it stands for” (The DieLine)

Is re-branding going to hurt consumers and sales? In my opinion there are four possible consumers.

  • Consumer 1: A committed Tazo tea drinker will continue to buy the tea because of loyalty to the brand
  • Consumer 2: A consumer who has never considered Tazo in the past, but because of new branding  buys the tea
  • Consumer 3: The  plain type gets lost within other brands and the consumer does not buy the tea
  • Consumer 4: Tazo customers respond badly to re-branding and stop buying tea

Is re-branding a good idea? What are your thoughts on the new logo?

Excited to be back!


25. For Audrey // Galaxy Audrey Hepburn Chocolate Advertisement

A new ad for Galaxy Chocolate was just released this week in the United Kingdom. When first clicking on the advertisement I was strangely intrigued? I love chocolate, and the ad agency BBDO. However I have mixed feelings about the advertisement, and am torn between love and hate.

I love Audrey Hepburn. She represents both classic beauty and sophistication. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is my all time favorite movie, and I absolutely consider Audrey Hepburn an inspiration. Audrey Hepburn has passed away over 20 years ago-yet her classic timeless image is being used to sell chocolate. How did they bring her back from the dead? The agency used CG and VFX computer technologies which “reproduces a young Hepburn’s features in a way that’s both familiar and totally alien”(The Village Voice) After researching the many reviews, critics are either highly receptive or horrified.

Some, are astounded by the technology and absolutely love the homage. Branding Magazine states, “Remarkable execution aside, I am wondering if the visual effects of the commercial will overshadow Galaxy’s branding purposes.. I hope that viewers are capable of comprehending the interaction between the chocolate brand and Hepburn’s legacy. Hepburn is of a Golden Age, a time period that oozes sensuality and luxury, while chocolate consumption is trademarked with parallel descriptors…”

On the other hand, some are absolutely horrified that her image would be re-created digitally and brings up many ethical questions about using an image after one has passed away. The Independent discuss if it is even a legal process. Although no law specifically states that you can not use CG technologies to ‘fake’ people, it is a very vague fine line. “If there is a risk that such revivals creep out an audience, or harm a celebrity’s image by association with cleaning equipment or the confectionery aisle, for a brand there is at least the reasonable certainty your star will not do something to harm yours.”

Although, BBDO did ask permission first from her living family members first. “Hepburn’s sons, who control her estate, authorized the use of her image, for which they will have received a fee. Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti say their mother would be “proud” of her new role, adding in a press release that she “often spoke about her love of chocolate and how it lifted her spirit”.( Ad Land)

We will never know if Audrey wanted to be the face of a Galaxy chocolate, or even have herself impersonated. Her memory is continuing to live on, but in a very different light. The TV character Homer Simpson sums it up blatantly-“You  celebrities need to realise that the public owns you for life, and after you’re dead, you’ll all be in commercials dancing with vacuum cleaners.”
On one hand, I love the advertisement and the homage to Audrey, the 1950’s Paris, chivalry, and sophistication. On the other, I feel sort of bad for her, that her image has come down to fakery.
Is this ethical?

24. Pinterest

Pintrest. I was first exposed to Pintrest by my dance teacher back in 2011. She told me about the platform  how it was a “board” for creativity and inspiration.  I remember being very confused and wondering why I would want to look at an online board of cool ideas. However, Pinterest is becoming one of the best social media platforms to date. Retailers are being able to link to Pinterest and use it as a tool to create traffic and buzz about their products. Ad Age said that “While driving traffic is great, the true potential in Pinterest may be in its ability to impact purchases, which is why retailers like Etsy, Nordstrom, and Lands’ End have taken to developing a presence on, and strategy for, this new platform.”

The fact is that pinterest is more than just a website to share cool food ideas and crafts now tells a lot about the growth of the platform–It is monetizing a great idea. The Wall Street Journals describes Pintrests growth in an article about their 2.5 billion dollar valuation. “Now Pinterest….has reached a point where it can start to make revenue a priority. The company is now studying a potential advertising system. It is also building up its relationships with businesses to learn how Pinterest traffic can eventually convert to sales of goods, from which the startup may eventually be able to take a cut.”(Wall Street Journal)

In addition to linking purchasable content on 3rd party sites, another one of the advantages of Pinterest over Facebook or twitter is that the “”pinned” content has a different life cycle than what is posted on Facebook and Twitter. Brian Madden. executive director of social media for Hearst Corp.’s Hearst Digital Media, said content that Hearst puts onto Pinterest can resurface months later when people continue to discover it. In contrast, posts on Facebook and Twitter tweets produce ‘a lot of initial interaction’ before fading.( Wall street journal). This advantage gives Pinterest a step up over other social media platforms. What are your thoughts on Pinterest?

Do you pin?


23. What’s in a name

Makeup names are some of the most clever on the market. If you ever need a pun, check  the names of your nail polishes or eyeshadow for a laugh or a smile. Companies and brands put a lot of effort into these type of miniscule details because they know their consumers care. Miniscule details like these really make the makeup and beauty industry one of the smartest. Lovelyish blog says”Lots of nail polishes have similar shades, so the only real thing that changes are the prices or names. Sometimes the names are boring, using only numbers or just the color of the polish, so when I find bottles with amusing names I am more likely to choose them for the entertainment factor or cool points.”

Here are some of my favorite nail polish names:

Don’t Talk Bach To Me

thanks A Latte

Don’t touch my tutu

Melon Of Troy

Don’t sweater it

for Audrey china glaze

will you mari-aMhi me

Don’t socrat-tease me

Some of my favorite names are from Too Faced Romantic Eye Shadow Collection are all based around a wedding theme using names such as Eye Shadows in Soul Mates , Kiss The Bride , and Bouquet Toss ,  I Do , Un-Veil, Cut The Cake , First Dance, Honeymoon  and Ever After.

These fun names are a great strategy for brands to really connect with their consumers. As well as distinguish the different brand personalities and essences.