23. What’s in a name

Makeup names are some of the most clever on the market. If you ever need a pun, check  the names of your nail polishes or eyeshadow for a laugh or a smile. Companies and brands put a lot of effort into these type of miniscule details because they know their consumers care. Miniscule details like these really make the makeup and beauty industry one of the smartest. Lovelyish blog says”Lots of nail polishes have similar shades, so the only real thing that changes are the prices or names. Sometimes the names are boring, using only numbers or just the color of the polish, so when I find bottles with amusing names I am more likely to choose them for the entertainment factor or cool points.”

Here are some of my favorite nail polish names:

Don’t Talk Bach To Me

thanks A Latte

Don’t touch my tutu

Melon Of Troy

Don’t sweater it

for Audrey china glaze

will you mari-aMhi me

Don’t socrat-tease me

Some of my favorite names are from Too Faced Romantic Eye Shadow Collection are all based around a wedding theme using names such as Eye Shadows in Soul Mates , Kiss The Bride , and Bouquet Toss ,  I Do , Un-Veil, Cut The Cake , First Dance, Honeymoon  and Ever After.

These fun names are a great strategy for brands to really connect with their consumers. As well as distinguish the different brand personalities and essences.


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