26. Re-branding// Tazo Tea new Logo

A logo is everything. It is how a consumer can differentiate multiple brands  in our consumer culture world. Today the average consumer is exposed to an average of 5,000 brands and brand messages  compared to 500 in 1970. (CBS) Wow, what a difference. A brand’s logo can differentiate between the masses for the consumer. A logo is what catches our eye first, the color, shape, and recognizable aspects are all key. A simple swish indicates the iconic Nike brand. Michael Poh a popular blogger analyzes many popular brand’s evolving logo changes. Poh states, “A logo, if designed effectively, can bring to people’s mind the unique selling proposition of an organization, which inevitably promotes the company on a sub-conscious level.”( Source)

Recently though I have noticed more re-branding and logo changes. It may be because I just finished my first advertising class and am more aware. However the case, three main 2013 re-logos have stood out to me: Tazo Tea, American Airlines, and Food Network.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 1.03.58 PM

First lets start with Tazo.  Daniele Monti the head Starbucks global creative director was interviewed about the brands new logo and packaging design. *Side note: this interview is very well written and extremely informative with a behind the scene look at every aspect of the re-branding including the original cross in the ‘O’–a MUST read*  Tazo went from mid-century gothic chic to clean and modern. The tazo tea drinker is ‘to be curious and well-traveled”. I personally love the re-branding. Within all of the other tea brands the stark white background looks pristine, and the typeface has  sophistication.  This re-logo is one example where it is a drastic enough change to be different, yet still keeps with the original theme.

02 19 13 Tazo 7

Daniele Monti states, “Tazo first launched in the mid 90s with its mythical, Zen, new age, almost ethereal look, with Shamans and all. The brand really represented the times; it invoked a sense of humor and wit into the then boring tea category…The (new) idea was to make sure that the brand was modernized and brought back as a leading brand as it had been before without loosing all the good things it stands for” (The DieLine)

Is re-branding going to hurt consumers and sales? In my opinion there are four possible consumers.

  • Consumer 1: A committed Tazo tea drinker will continue to buy the tea because of loyalty to the brand
  • Consumer 2: A consumer who has never considered Tazo in the past, but because of new branding  buys the tea
  • Consumer 3: The  plain type gets lost within other brands and the consumer does not buy the tea
  • Consumer 4: Tazo customers respond badly to re-branding and stop buying tea

Is re-branding a good idea? What are your thoughts on the new logo?

Excited to be back!


2 thoughts on “26. Re-branding// Tazo Tea new Logo

  1. Another reason for people to buy a new product is that they taste test a freebie! Think of Trader Joe’s ( who, by the way, I just found out they were purchased by the immense German grocery conglomerate ALDI in 1979 for an undisclosed sum. No wonder many of their products never list the country of manufacture.).

    Trader Joe’s carries only 4000 products on their shelves and an average grocery store, 50,000. But TJ’s is always putting out tastes of this and that. Tell me this does’t boost sales every day. People LOVE freebies, costs the company nearly nothing and initiates people’s interest in a new product. That is brilliant marketing.

  2. darling rachel, always i follow your blog and your take on life, but the advertising expertise you show on your page is well beyond your second year of university. it speaks of years in the advertising business.

    when did you get to be so smart and worldly.

    lovingly, dinana

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