27. Re-Branding Pt. 2 // Food Network’s New Logo

I mentioned in my last post a re-branding strategy that worked extremely well for Tazo Tea, especially with the new logo design. However, not all brands can re-brand successfully. They either do not need to re-brand or make minor changes that are completely unnecessary. One example of this is  the Food Network. In January of 2013 they launched this new logo along with other graphics. Food network claimed it was for their 20 year anniversary. Consequently, the logo was already redone 10 years ago in 2003.

Food Network’s strategy ” aims to inspire new ways of connecting to the beloved brand while also preserving what fans have come to know and trust, truly reflecting the power brand’s evolution over the last two decades” (Via the branding Source)

An earlier Food Network Logo

I absolutely detest this new logo. It is way too subtle of a change. The metal rim is awful and the font change is too minimal. I understand the look of the plate but cannot understand how this would be appealing. Many customers and fans agree. When unveiling the new logo in a blog post, comments ranged from “horrible and cold.. Are you trying to push fans away?” to “Already looks dated, the older one looks more modern” says critics on the Food Network page (Food Network)

A recent time article about consumer response to logos says that “A logo redesign is usually supposed to convey a message to consumers It’s just that sometimes consumers don’t always hear the message” ( Time) Both fans and I agree, this re-branding is not going to help the Food Network any. Only time will tell if this re-branding hurts them in the long run.

Food Network, what have you done???


One thought on “27. Re-Branding Pt. 2 // Food Network’s New Logo

  1. interesting points. Rachel.I’m guessing the metallic rim on the new logo is supposed to replicate the edges of a shiny, new skillet, but if so then they should have added the outline/shape of a handle. I always think of logos and advertising with a 3 second rule – you are driving down the street at 35 MPH and you have exactly 3 seconds to review the image and understand what the design/ business has to offer.

    I agree with you. The redesign is a lateral, if redundant move. I think redesigns just give an excuse to put people to work. How about you start submitting redesigns to various companies who you think worthy of your visual talent?

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