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Below is a writing report/data collection/ research for my Reporting 1 class this term. We had to do research on a “beat” for something we could see ourselves writing and reporting about in the future.  After thinking about it, I choose food Writing. I have always loved food writing, and could easily see it as a possible career choice. Below is a fun collection of data of some of the popular food writers today. Writing about this topic was really fun and exciting and I am going to continue to explore this topic as a career path.

Food Writing Across the United States

By Rachel Davidson

otw2Growing up, I have always loved food. Cooking, baking,  tasting new flavors and trying new recipes have always been a passion of mine. Recently though, I have become more and more interested in food writing. Whether in a magazine, an online article in the newspaper, or my favorite baking blogs, I have become more and more enamored with different kinds of food writing. Food writing is more than just a restaurant review, but a captivating way to explore the food industry.  Here some of my favorite food writers of the moment.

Matt Duckor

Matt Duckor is a food writer and assistant editor at Bon Appetit. In addition to writing the Bon Appetit consumed column, Duckor produces the twice-weekly podcasts I’d drink to that.

I first started liking Duckor’s pieces when I stumbled across this article on tips to good restaurant food photography. Not only were his tips useful, but also the topic was something trending and that I have never really thought about before. His writing is quick and witty while exploring the most interesting topics such as a Siberian frozen restaurant to the appeal of In-and-Out

Joy the Baker/ Smitten Kitchen

Next, is  two of my favorite food bloggers. Joy from, and Deb from Smitten  Both Joy and Deb  publish weekly recipes with daily life tidbits. Although their writing may not be official for a magazine or newspaper, I find their writing as good as professional writers. Joy the Baker’s style(Cookbook Here) is welcoming and as though sitting down with a friendly neighbor . Smitten Kitchen (Cookbook Here) is elegantly simple and writes from the heart.

-Joy the baker’s  Buttered Popcorn Chocolate Chip Cookies is next on my to do list. Another favorite of mine is her Pumpkin Pie Poptarts. 

-Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for her Best Challah( a Jewish bread) is a favorite post of mine describing the jewish traditions of challah and yiddish words.

Sam Dean

While vastly researching food writers across different platforms,I kept coming back to Bon Appetit.  Not only does BA produce a stunning magazine with drool worthy recipe’s, but their blog posts are some of the best. Sam Dean is a Bon Appetite blogger and previously worked at The Onion.  As with Matt Duckor, Dean’s articles are smart and short jam-packed with info. Two that I most recently enjoyed were:

The Etymology of mayo, A wonderfully written piece on the journey of sandwiches favorite condiment and

Margaret Thatcher’s improvement to soft-serve ice cream. An honor to her recent death on April 8, 2013.

Mark Bittman

Instagram food photographyMark Bittman, a New York Times food writer for over 13 years is now the lead food writer for the New York Times Magazine. In addition too writing multiple books (his best-selling How To Cook Everything), he has presented his food ideas at a TED talk.

With a list of accomplishments under his belt, Mark Bittman to this day still produces amazing food articles. I first started reading his food writing earlier in the moth with an article about healthy fast food. This lead me to another article about a controversial issue of Banning the Big Gulp and health issues in New York.  Bittman’s article, The Secrets to rising bread  is another favorite and very popular amoung critics.

Other Notable Food Writers:

Related to the topic, I found two very interesting articles about the future of food writers. 1. Michael Ruhlman discusses if Food Writing is Dead? 2. Amanda Hesser gives Advice for Future Food Writers.