Gun Control Advertisments

Most of the advertising we are exposed to as consumers are products that are for sale. From the latest phone company, tv show, or salad dressing. It is a rare occurrence when we as consumers see advertisements that are making a point or impact. However this advertisement for States United to Prevent gun Violence  is breaking the norm.

Although this advertisement is selling a political statement it is a far cry from a product to be purchased. Instead it is selling a point of view and strong statement about gun laws in our American society.

Adweeek says, “restrained and thoughtful, {it} makes a point in a memorable way without seeming gratuitous. That the cause inspires impassioned and noteworthy creative work is no surprise. It’s just a shame this particular ad category has to exist at all.

I loved this advertisement.  Even though it is one-sided, whatever stance you may take on the issue,  this beautifully crafted 30-second video was creative and makes a point about the future and change.  It is unnerving and slightly scary.The ending statement  “Guns have changed. Shouldn’t our gun laws?” is very powerful.  The entire sequence puts the reader in the shoes of many who have been in a similar  situation, especially in the last year.

Although it is not just videos about gun control that are going viral, but print ads as well.The image below is 1 of 3 from a different campaign( Mom’s Demand Action)  with a similar topic that expresses the same drastic comparison using a childhood book to compare the difference. Both of these advertisements are not forcing the topic down your throat but merely stating  facts in a visually appealing way.

If these advertisements don’t start the discussion and conversation that needs to be had on this topic , I don’t know what will.

Are these advertisements too violent? Thoughts?


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