Heineken Departure Roulette Advertisement // Would You Push The Button?

Recently an advertisement was released for Heineken Beer by the agency Wieden + Kennedy that sparked some attention.

The advertisement showcases “Departure Roulette” daring JFK customers to #drop their previous flight plans in exchange  to “push the button”  revealing a random destination that Heineken will pay for. The catch? The players must pre-agree to travel to whatever destination the Departure Roulette board randomly turns up.  Pretty exciting right?

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Links I Love [2]


1. A Race to Save the Orange by Altering Its DNA: The future of oranges and Orange Juice are in serious danger and this NYTimes article describes the process of citrus greening and the need for a transgenic orange juice.

2. Brainzooming Mike Twitter Account: A great twitter account for those looking for daily inspiration and helpful creativity tips. As an advertising student, I am always looking for more ways to expand my creativity and this website posts lots of great articles!

3. Typography in 10 minutes: Although beautiful and unique, typography can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are 5 simple tips.

4. Daily Rituals: A blog turned book of how interesting people organize their days. From President Barack Obama to Stephen King originally found from this blog post Key: Routine is important


Links I Love

I constantly come across interesting links online and decided to curate them into a new Sunday series. Sometimes it deserves an entire blog post other times just a quick mention. This is nothing revolutionary, but I wanted an outlet for sharing the articles, items, and people that are inspiring me on a weekly basis. Enjoy!es320sizk3jw9w7upvccdh0soa7rhk95

1. Sleep and The Teenage Brain via brain-picking: I always knew sleep was important, but didn’t realize how critical it actually is until this article. Probably my favorite link of the week, this post by brain-pickings is a must read! “Sleep deprivation will profoundly affect your creativity, your productivity, and your decision-making,” Arianna Huffington.

2. Hashtag Etiquette via SocialMedia Today: Infographics are simply amazing! In one of my Journalism classes we had to create one about our daily habits, and it was a challenge. This infographic on “Hashtag etiquette” is very informative on a 21st century twitter trend.

3.  Product Packaging Design Duh’s via Buzz Feed:  All of these product re-design ideas by Aaron Mickelson are brilliant. I especially love the Twingings tea example.

4. Fresh Berry Tarte via Butterlust Blog: This delicious tarte tasted as good in person as it looks on-screen. A great summer dessert.

5. 16 Best Free Mac Apps via Mashable: For those that have Mac computers or laptops this Mashable list is a great resource of App’s that are completely free.

Taking risks and To-do Lists

I love crossing off and finishing tasks on to-do lists. Although some might say it is obsessive, I love creating to-do lists; daily, weekly, summer 2013, or just goals in general. Although the iPad has many fancy apps for this, physically writing down tasks in my calendar keeps me organized. This may seem miniscule to other accomplishments or tasks, but the act of crossing out an item on to-do lists makes me extremely happy and reduces my stress level. Is it weird that my first item on my to-do list is always something I have already completed? I hope not.

Today I get to cross off #2 from my Summer 2013 to-do list!  I now am  an official social media Intern! I pitched the idea to my bosses and they loved it. I will be in charge of creating and maintaining the company’s twitter page. I took a risk by putting myself out there, and it paid off! But this is just the beginning, I plan on making their twitter as successful as it can be. Taking risks and going past your comfort zone is extremely difficult. However more research is showing that taking risks is both necessary and beneficial to your success.

Forbes Magazine says, “When speaking to people in their forties and beyond, many tell me that if they could do their career over again, they’d have taken more risks, settled less and spoken up more often. In short, they wished they’d been more courageous in the risks they’d taken.”

By definition a risk is taking a chance or  a situation involving exposure to danger. Now is the time to take risks and try new things that scare you. Without taking risks you are missing out on infinite possibilities. This Wall street Journal Article analyzes why risk taking in the business world is scarce.

However Helen Keller once said  “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”