Links I Love

I constantly come across interesting links online and decided to curate them into a new Sunday series. Sometimes it deserves an entire blog post other times just a quick mention. This is nothing revolutionary, but I wanted an outlet for sharing the articles, items, and people that are inspiring me on a weekly basis. Enjoy!es320sizk3jw9w7upvccdh0soa7rhk95

1. Sleep and The Teenage Brain via brain-picking: I always knew sleep was important, but didn’t realize how critical it actually is until this article. Probably my favorite link of the week, this post by brain-pickings is a must read! “Sleep deprivation will profoundly affect your creativity, your productivity, and your decision-making,” Arianna Huffington.

2. Hashtag Etiquette via SocialMedia Today: Infographics are simply amazing! In one of my Journalism classes we had to create one about our daily habits, and it was a challenge. This infographic on “Hashtag etiquette” is very informative on a 21st century twitter trend.

3.  Product Packaging Design Duh’s via Buzz Feed:  All of these product re-design ideas by Aaron Mickelson are brilliant. I especially love the Twingings tea example.

4. Fresh Berry Tarte via Butterlust Blog: This delicious tarte tasted as good in person as it looks on-screen. A great summer dessert.

5. 16 Best Free Mac Apps via Mashable: For those that have Mac computers or laptops this Mashable list is a great resource of App’s that are completely free.

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