Eugene Eats: Sizzle Pie Review

Summer is gone, and I have started my Junior year of college. This will be my third year living in Eugene, and I continue to find more and more reasons to love this little community.  Some may call it the land of the hippies, track town USA, or Duck city, but I call it home.  One of the main reasons I love Eugene is the food culture. Whether fresh produce at the Saturday market, a classic VooDoo doughnut, or small unknown coffee shop, the food scene is Eugene is beyond amazing.

I stumbled upon Sizzle Pie about a week or so ago and have instantly become obsessed. Not only is their food delicious, but the atmosphere and graphic design choices are psychedelic. Before even entering their restaurant you can tell it will be a cool atmosphere. With a light bulb sign, scattered wooden picnic tables, and a lunchtime line out the door, Sizzle Pie is the perfect combination of Oregon hipster and downtown cool.

2013-10-04 12.23.36-1Their actual pizza is something unique. Classic Italian-style thin crust with crazy toppings such as cashew pesto to pulled pork. Each combination is exotic and unusual, although they do have the basic cheese and pepperoni as well for the un adventourous. With unique flavors and vegan or gluten-free options, sizzle pie has a pizza for everyone. The reasonably priced pizzas don’t make it easier to stay away either.  A fresh slice and side salad like the one pictured left is only 6$.

Design wise, The small details and pop-art-like graphic elements are spot on. The logo is very eye-catching and funny quotes like “death to false pizza” on to-go boxes distinguish sizzle pie from other competitors.  Pizza is not something to be taken too seriously and the dark “rockerish” tone makes the experience of visiting Sizzle Pie one to remember.

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