Project My Last Meal Day 1


Today I will be starting a new personal project titled “My Last Meal”. Project “My Last Meal” will be connecting humans through food. Food is a tool for building communities and bringing people together. Food is always at the center of every gathering; people go on dates to restaurants, when someone is ill people rush to bring over meals and crockpots, and at musical events or lectures there is always food involved. Why? Because food brings people together.

Food is a central tool, and what people eat says a lot about them. For 22 days (Today January 27-February 17)  I will ask one random “Eugeneian” what his or her last meal was along with other questions. Then I will record and publish their answers along with their picture on this blog. With this project I hope to gain a better understanding of peoples food habits as well as connect people around the world through food.If you would like to be featured or help with this project please email me at rachelmorgan132 at gmail dot com

Let the Adventure Begin! -Rachel

Day 1

Hanna Knostman,  UO Junior, Family and Human Services Major, Special Ed minor.
hannakWhat Was your last meal?

“Kale chips and Grilled Chicken” 

What if your last meal was your last? How did you feel about it?

“Not satisfied, I would want something exciting, more sweet… less healthy”

If you could plan your last meal what would it be?

“Steak, roasted potatoes, and a variety of desserts, including a brownie, chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream, and a red velvet cupcake”

Anything else? “Nope”

What’s the best thing you ever ate?

“There’s this place in Seattle called LoLa. They have these really good doughnuts with local jams. I also get eggs benedict. It’s one of the best things I have ever ate.”

What did your parents make you as a child frequently? Do you still eat it?

“I just made it for lunch actually.  They are German Pancakes filled with sprinkled sugar rolled up, with syrup on top. It was a recipe passed down from my great-grandpa from Nebraska. My mom would make them every weekend for me. I make them when I feel like something sweet.”

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