Day 8: My Last Meal

 Day 8: Melody Hirth, UO Craft Center Instructor IMG_20140202_145852 What was your last meal?

“An apple, and I don’t know what they were but chocolate brownie cookie type thing with nuts, and earl grey tea”

What if your last meal was your last? How did you feel about it?

“ I guess I would be okay, I would feel a little unprepared, maybe.”

If you could plan your last meal what would it be?

“I think it would be probably Nabe.  Which is a Japanese winter meal, where you cook a bunch of stuff in a pot and eat it with a big group of people, that would be a nice last meal.”

What is your favorite food?

“I like seafood a lot. Particularly tuna, raw tuna is one of my favorites. I also like octopus, raw octopus is really good and the traditional food from where I’m from in northern Japan. Stew with rice on a stick  and cook it in the fire so the rice is crispy

What’s the best thing you ever ate?

“ The best thing I ever ate, which probably had a lot to do with the situation too, but when I went to Japan last time with my family. My mom saved up a lot of money and we went to Hiroshima. And we went tot this big shrine on an island and She got a fancy meal prepared for us, it was amazing and delicious. That meal was the best in my life thus far.”

What did your parents make you as a child frequently? Do you still eat it? Why was it special?

“My mom would always make me eat bananas and I remember hating bananas, and now I like them again. But the end of the banana is so mushy and gross, and my mom always insisted that it had the most nutrients, and she would make me eat the bottom of the banana, and I hated it. I still wont eat that bottom part.  ”

P.S.- Happy 50th Post Blog!

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