2014 Sochi Olympics Best Ads // P&G and Samsung Advertisements

There were two advertisements that stood out to me during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. First was this one by P&G continuing there “Thank you Mom” series. This specific commercial is tailored to the stumbles of young kids in preparation for the Olympics.


This is absolute genius. Not only do I love the original “thank you mom” ads, but this one is so heartwarming. I especially liked watching it in-between different competitions because it reminds us that these Gold-medal Olympians are just like us. They had to go through rigorous training-which sometimes included falling down.  And when they did fall it was a parent that got them through their lows. I think the music and overall theme were a home run.

Next is one from Samsung.

I was surprised at this one. Nothing from Samsung has stuck out to me in the past, and usually phone commercial can be dull and repetitive. This one captured the Olympic spirit perfectly. I loved the humor about the figure-skaters ponytail as well as the little kids skiing down the stairs. I think this spot for Samsung was the perfect amount of showing what the product can do but it wasn’t overwhelming or the main idea. The sequencing transitioned smoothly and the actual product shots explained the different features.

Looking for more? Here are some of the top shared TV advertisements shared during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. What were some of your favorite Sochi Ads?

#SochiProblems, Russian Dinner Party + Perogies

As the Olympics closed last week, I was saddened to see them go and not return for another 4 years. The Olympics are always an adventure and following the medal count or watching your favorite event and seeing who comes out on top is exciting.

how_to_watch_sochi_2014_stream_onlineHowever I had my own #Sochiproblems when I decided to host a dinner party for my friends. The hashtag has been floating around online for a while now, highlighting some of the disasters at the Sochi Olympics, this article by Buzzfeed highlights a few.  My love for the Olympics transferred to my idea of  hosting an around the world Olympic themed pot luck style dinner party. I took on the task of making Russian cuisine and  invited my friends to bring a dish from a competing country.

After research, I decided that I would tackle making Russian pierogies. Pierogis are a typical eastern European dumpling usually made out of a sour-cream based dough, stuffed with potatoes and cheese, and then fried or baked to crisp the outsides. Although never having a pierogi previously-I wanted to try something new.

I had the menu set, I was providing Russian food while my closest friends were bringing meatballs for Sweden, Spanish Empanadas for Argentina, and a chocolate dessert for France. It would have been a fabulous night if Eugene’s largest snow storm hadn’t dumped over 8 inches of snow and disconnected my power for 24 hours. Powerless and Pierogis-less  my perfect Olympic watching dinner party was squashed.

Snow aside, I ended up making the pierogies a day later. Although the process was long,since I made each component from scratch, the end result was delicious. They were light and fluffy with a warm creamy potato filling. These Russian dumplings defiantly taste better after fried giving a contrast to the filling. I used this filling recipe (Here) and this dough recipe(Here)

From Russia, With Pierogie love- Rachel