#SochiProblems, Russian Dinner Party + Perogies

As the Olympics closed last week, I was saddened to see them go and not return for another 4 years. The Olympics are always an adventure and following the medal count or watching your favorite event and seeing who comes out on top is exciting.

how_to_watch_sochi_2014_stream_onlineHowever I had my own #Sochiproblems when I decided to host a dinner party for my friends. The hashtag has been floating around online for a while now, highlighting some of the disasters at the Sochi Olympics, this article by Buzzfeed highlights a few.  My love for the Olympics transferred to my idea of  hosting an around the world Olympic themed pot luck style dinner party. I took on the task of making Russian cuisine and  invited my friends to bring a dish from a competing country.

After research, I decided that I would tackle making Russian pierogies. Pierogis are a typical eastern European dumpling usually made out of a sour-cream based dough, stuffed with potatoes and cheese, and then fried or baked to crisp the outsides. Although never having a pierogi previously-I wanted to try something new.

I had the menu set, I was providing Russian food while my closest friends were bringing meatballs for Sweden, Spanish Empanadas for Argentina, and a chocolate dessert for France. It would have been a fabulous night if Eugene’s largest snow storm hadn’t dumped over 8 inches of snow and disconnected my power for 24 hours. Powerless and Pierogis-less  my perfect Olympic watching dinner party was squashed.

Snow aside, I ended up making the pierogies a day later. Although the process was long,since I made each component from scratch, the end result was delicious. They were light and fluffy with a warm creamy potato filling. These Russian dumplings defiantly taste better after fried giving a contrast to the filling. I used this filling recipe (Here) and this dough recipe(Here)

From Russia, With Pierogie love- Rachel

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