Summer Loving: House of Cards + Iggy + BITE Beauty

It is extremely hot in Eugene-95 degrees and summer is in full swing. Luckily I work indoors with air-conditioning, so I do not have to suffer too much wrath of the sun. But heat can sometimes get in the way, similar to an annoying little sibling.  I had plans of baking gorgeous blueberry muffins last night but the sweltering sunshine won this round, so no muffins for me. However I think Sun and I have made up, as I love getting tan and biking outdoors in the morning sunshine. My last post included  food related things I have been adoring. Today, is everything I have been loving non-food related. Enjoy!

TV: House of Cards

I’m addicted. After having a friend tell me it was the best TV show on television I had to give it a try. I am so glad I did because I absolutely love it. The writing is so outstanding and  smartly written and the plot lines keep me intrigued every episode. I love that they incorporate journalism and hard news reporting into the back-stabbing political drama filled plot.  I finished the first season over a couple of weeks. Definitely one to get hooked on!

Music: Fancy-Iggy Azalea

This Aussie knows what she is doing-music wise. “Fancy” is super catchy and has been on constant repeat on my summer playlist. I also love the nod to the movie “Clueless” in her music video. Azalea was also just nominated for 7 Video Music Awards earlier this week. Although I am conflicted since she is up against my all time favorite singer/Diva extraordinaire-Beyonce(Rolling Stones) . An article by Ann Powers for NPR says, “The life story she relates on The New Classic is one of unremitting toil: On its first single, actually called “Work,” she raps about scrubbing floors as a teen maid, emigrating to America with no money and staying up night after night to master her flow.” (NPR) Check out the sassy Iggy Azalea HERE.

Makeup: Bite High Pigment Pencil in Amarone

After trying a sample size in Rhubarb, I was hooked on the BITE brand. The matte formula lasts all day without drying out my lips,  very similar to the Nars Matte Lip Pencils but more rich and creamy. The color, Amarone,  is described as a ‘raisin berry’. I originally purchased this back in January for winter, but am finding that it also transitions easily to summer. I love the color and formula and am thinking about my next color purchase in either violet or tannin

Books: Ten Tiny Breaths KA Tucker

Ten Tiny Breaths has been my favorite summer book series. I have read the first one “Ten Tiny Breaths” twice now. I really enjoy Tucker’s writing style and her plot lines. I find myself smiling as well as crying, as her characters are very relatable. Lately with summer I have been reading about 2-3 books a week. I call myself a serial reader-because I can never just ever read a couple of chapters, I tend to read the entire book in one sitting. Sigh.

Website: A Beautiful Mess

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.41.59 AM

You need to know about A Beautiful Mess ASAP. It is a terrifically outstanding website run by two sisters focusing on everything DIY, drafting, decor, food, beauty and fashion, and life-hacks. Their posts are frequently updated and I am constantly inspired by their ideas. This past week Elise and Emma are doing a monthly book club, had a delicious looking recipe for a Kale Quiche, as well as a fun summer hairdo. I am finding myself drawn to their website for new tips and tricks.


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