Eugene Eats: Laughing Planet Cafe

There is nothing laughable about the delectableness of Laughing Planet Cafe.  With a psychedelic space theme with a side of dinosaurs it is hard not to fall in love with the decor while enjoying fresh dishes. Plastic dinosaurs on tables aside Laughing Planet is “committed to the neighborhoods that surround our restaurants, to local food growers, and to the highest quality ingredients that we can find. Fresh, local, healthy and delicious!”-Laughing Planet Website

Laughing Planet specializes in bowls and burritos with a variety of vegetarian an gluten-free options available. The truth is, before I visited, I pre-judged Laughing Planet as being a weird hippy restaurant specializing in only vegetarian options. I am appauled at where this idea came from because it is completely the opposite.

One, is that Laughing Planet does have a variety of meat and poultry entrees, making up half the menu. I like this, because although I enjoy the taste of  tofu-it is never really what I crave. I also love how Laughing Planet focuses on using local Oregon products and ingriedients such as their cheese, chicken, and tofu/tempeh. Knowing that the food I am eating is supporting local farmers and producers while being being delicious and good for me is huge.

Image Via Laughing Planet Website

I first visited Laughing Planet with my dad who is a vegetarian. He and I both loved it. The first thing I tried was the Bollywood Bowl which is a brown rice bowl with chicken, spinach, garlic green beans, sweet potatoes, and a Southern Indian spicy coconut sauce.

One word-delectable. The coconut sauce really makes the dish adding a burst of indian curry spices to sauteed veggies and fluffy brown rice. My dad got the Soylent bowl with a tahini sauce over tempeh-which he thoroughly enjoyed. The tempeh which normally freaks me out,  was baked crispy and had a wonderful texture and flavor. Since then I have tried the Cuban and Eat your Veggies bowls as well. All packed with veggies and protein while being filling.

In addition to the bowls my dad and I tried a freshly squeezed pint of juice, side of quick pickles, and a hemp-seed cacao cookie. The juice was good but for $7 a glass I would have much preferred a bowl. The quick pickles were refreshing. The bite of vinegar with the crunchiness of the cucumbers are a good combination. And finally the cookie, it didn’t look appetizing but it was surprisingly moist and chewy with a good amount of chocolaty sweetness.

We enjoyed the food and our experience so much that my dad and I decided to go back the following day for lunch–It is that good!  Laughing Planet is a wonderful Eugene Eatery that provides delicious and healthy dishes that can please any palate.


One thought on “Eugene Eats: Laughing Planet Cafe

  1. What an interesting “take” on this restaurant . The description made me feel that I WANT to eat there and when in the neighborhood, I definitely will visit / eat at
    the Laughing Planet.

    Thank you for opening up my gourmet world.

    Dianna Davidson

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