Eugene Eats: Tailored Coffee Roasters Review

If I could be a coffee shop. I would want to be Tailored. It’s the new kid on the block that is totally swoon worthy. It’s the one at school that is cool without trying-polished and perfected while still disheveled. It is like wearing expensive plaid that gives off homeless vibes but in actuality is so trendy right now. Their coffee is perfection, the atmosphere provides cool coffee vibes, the décor is beautiful, and as an added bonus they have adorably attractive male baristas.

In fact can we talk about these barista? Yes, I love Tailored we will get to the cool atmosphere and delicious Ethiopian coffee later but first the baristas are deliciously attractive. Talk about a tall, dark cup of coffee! Yes, I am a twenty-one-year old female and am blushing as writing this. An attractive barista is a very important factor of a coffee shop in my humble opinion.

Coffee Taste

Now the coffee. I opted for just a plain cup of drip coffee. The day I went in, it was an Ethiopian blend that’s slightly bitter. Usually I’m all about sweetness and cream and sugar. I know how can I be a foodie and not like black coffee. But its true black coffee disgusts me. Also coffee is my weakness, tea is so much better for you, but coffee is just something I can never give up.

My love for cream and sugar is probably because I have never experienced truly delicious coffee until I tried traditional Italian espresso, a couple of months ago in Italy. In Italy it is a sin to drink milk after 1:00 or even in the morning. Small shots of espresso are the classic norm. In the morning, old Italian men stand around the bar and casually read the daily news while gossiping to their friends sipping on espresso. I eventually started liking espresso but would still add 3 packets of sugar. I know, my sweet tooth is becoming a problem.

However with Tailored, I didn’t add that much sugar or milk and it was moan worthy. Perfectly caffeinated and  like nothing I have ever tasted. It reminds me of coffee in Europe but more earthy and bitter without being overwhelming. A Tailored employee was describing to me that this coffee is a light roast, single origin that gets sweeter as it cools down. Coolio!


Coffee Atmosphere is very important. Have you ever heard about Starbucks third place? It’s creating a space outside home and work where a customer feels comfortable. The reason people love Starbucks is not for the sole reason of a perfect cup of burnt coffee anywhere in the world, but the atmosphere. The comfy chairs, the lighting, the ambiance, a “hangout space” to meet friends.

Well it’s absolutely genius and was the first of it’s kind. Screw Starbucks third space because Tailored’s is awesome. Light wooden floors, sleek black metal stools, exposed pipes, and high ceilings make Tailored an enjoyable experience. Very upscale Portland and not quite Eugene. It feels elegant and upscale without being obnoxious and unapproachable. Good vibes, perfect writing spot,I dig it.

Little touches such as a single red flower in a square glass vase on all the table, old school records along the walls, and an open floor plan add so much to the ambiance. I never thought atmosphere was as important as it is until I stepped into Tailored.

Grab a book, order a cup of joe, and enjoy a lovely Eugene afternoon.


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