Eugene Eats: Ox & Fin

As a celebratory outing out with one of my good friends in Eugene, we treated ourselves to a fancy dinner out at Ox & Fin. Ox & Fin is an upscale restaurant that describes themselves as a “NW steakhouse with Italian sensibilities”. Their menu includes a variety of meat (Ox) and seafood dishes(Fin).

I love the name, and think it accurately describes their establishment. Although I am not a huge fan of their logo, I do like the atmosphere at Ox and Fin. I love the dark rustic color scheme, and when you walk inside plush deep burgundy leather seats greet you with dark wood accents. A very rustic/upscale cabin, woodsy feel.

IMG_20140811_191605I ordered the bacon cheeseburger that was surprisingly worth every cent of the 12$ price point. The meat was perfectly cooked and extremely tender, oozing of garlic juices.  The burger was topped with crisp bacon and a creamy lemon aoili all on a house made bun. Also on the plate were pickled cauliflower and red onions which were superb. I would have ordered those as a side in a heartbeat. One downside was that the fries were cold-however I wasn’t too upset since I shouldn’t have been eating them anyways.

IMG_20140811_191557Although I enjoyed my burger and would order it again, the best part of the meal was the bread and olive oil that came with the meal beforehand. It was a whole wheat seedy bread that was warm and fluffy, while still being dense,  with a slight honey taste. Yumm, drooling. I honestly do not know what it was that made it that good.  My friend ordered the chicken in a lemon butter sauce that was  just as tender and packed with summer flavors. (Pictured above)

This is a great “special occasion” restaurant that provides drool-worthy dishes and homemade artisan breads that are worth the trip alone! -Rachel

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