Color Scheme & Palette: Graphic Design Inspiration

Watermelon Color PaletteInspiration is a tricky thing. If you are desperately looking for it, it  mysteriously disappears. Especially when a deadline for a school assignment is approaching. That’s why, when inspiration does hit me-I immediately  grab on to it.  Yesterday, I was instantly inspired by a  graphic design blog I discovered called Iola. After scrolling through page after page of author Stephanie’s posts, I was inspired to “play”  with some graphic design elements in In-Design.

Although writing is my main passion, after being exposed to design classes at my University, I discovered I really enjoy the graphic design world. Programs like In-design and Photoshop can be tricky to work with, but half the fun is learning new techniques and tricks. One of Stephanie’s  posts on a floral color scheme inspired me to recreate my own version. I was instantly drawn to this photo that originally appeared on the cover of August’s Martha Stewart Living Magazine. Sometimes, a light-bulb moment is just around the corner. -Rachel

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