Under Armour Advertisement featuring Gisele Bündchen

YouTube Advertisements have been stepping up their game. I saw this Under Armour one last week and could not seem to push the “skip” button, I was instantly captivated. The ad features global sensation and top model Gisele Bundchen sparing with a hanging sandbag wearing Under Armour gear. Behind her flash negative comments, criticisms, and different hurtfull messages. The comments flash instantly and you don’t really get a chance to read them, which I think was part of the point to prove that there is so much “talk” and “comments” thrown at these figures everyday it starts to blurr. However Gisele did a great job portraying emotion and the pain is clear in her eyes. I know I would be affected if those words were directed at me. Watch the ad below:

The backstory behind the ad is that Under Armour  wanted to show a new side of Gisele,”the unguarded, raw, real and brave side that shows what it’s like living in the public eye,” said Droga5 creative director John McKelvey. “To the world, most people have only seen her in a context of beauty and polish. But when we came to Gisele with the idea, she embraced the truth of the concept and its potential to be a positive message. The campaign shows all the contradicting opinions she is constantly exposed to and the focus and determination it takes to tune out the noise and will what she wants.”(Ad Week)

Something interesting about this ad is that This is Under Armour’s first non-athlete spokesperson.  Under Armour reports that there was indeed conflict with this decision”We are expecting that there will be people that question the authenticity of our choice and the authenticity of women’s choices,” Under Armour’s SVP and creative director of Women’s Leanne Fremar told The Cut.  (Mashable)

I was pleasantly surprised, then amazed to see a Victoria Secret angel being so fierce and tough. Adweek describes it perfectly “Forget designer gowns. This is the Brazilian supermodel like you’ve never seen her before. With her fists wrapped like a boxer, she’s athletic, fierce and formidable. She throws powerful roundhouse kicks and punches at a heavy bag. She looks like she’s training for the UFC, not Fashion Week.” (AdWeek) Fabulous and Fierce another strong Ad.

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