Eugene Eats: Tacovore

With my winter term of senior year closely coming to an end, I am trying to cherish every experience. That includes taking new classes, taking advantage of on campus lectures, biking through new trails, and of course eating new food. I am on a mission to try as many Eugene restaurants, bakeries, coffeehouses, and food experiences before I leave this place that I now called home.

Last Friday night, I ventured over to the restaurant Tacovore,  aka taco heaven,  based on a recommendation from a co-worker. I thought, “tacos-cool, yum, sounds good”. I was looking forward to it, but didn’t think tacos were anything to get too excited about.  How wrong I was. Tacovore is way more than just tacos. It is the bustling atmosphere, amazing specialty creations, and variety of mouth-watering  salsas that make Tacovore truly a unique spin on a Mexican food classic.

Walking into Tacovore the ambiance is something that is truly memorable. Long dark rustic wood community tables are along the middle of the room while servers weave themselves in and out with bowls of fresh chips balanced on their arms. The menu is a series of chalkboard blocks displaying the daily specials. Instead of table numbers, Tacovore uses a Spanish word with a picture. The space was filled with laughter and chatter, and when we left the line was out the door!

ullSizeRender_2Tacovore specializes in Tacos. They have a set menu with 10 original tacos and then have daily specials in addition. I decided to try three tacos along with their chips and salsa.

  • -Carnitas: Smoked crispy Carlton pork with orange, Serrano chilies, jicama, cilantro and house made crema
  • -Chorizo: Chorizo pork with avocado, radish, pico de gallo, and cilantro
  • seasonal Veggie: Roasted carrot and butternut squash, kale, pickled onion, and lime crema

My views on tacos have officially changed. My favorite was the carnitas. The shredded pork was tender with a robust spicy flavor and  combined with the citrus orange slices and crunchiness of the jicama was divine! Also, the corn tortillas, which are made in-house, were fluffy and very fresh . I also really enjoyed the seasonal veggie taco. It was a unique twist on the typical taco and had some wonderful earthy flavors from the kale and butternut squash. Before eating I thought three tacos did not seem like enough to be full, however with the chips and salsa because of the rich fillings, two would have been perfect.

One of my favorite things about Tacovore was their salsa bar. They had around 8-10 home-made salsas to try. They had varieties including tomatillo, pineapple, siracha, chipotle, and Verde. I could tell that they used premium ingredients, and I enjoyed tasting and sampling the different varieties.

With their lively atmosphere and  unique combinations Tacovore should not be missed!

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