Best Kitchen Gadgets

I’m in the kitchen a lot. Whether creating an elaborate meal inspired by one of my travel adventures or rushing out the door and needing to whip up a quick and easy breakfast, the kitchen is my domain. It is a place where I feel safe and truly look forward to cooking and baking. I think that people are most intimidated by cooking because of the amount of different tools and kitchen gadgets involved. However, you do not need fancy immersion blenders, egg separators, or butter slicers to cook a meal. Although there are a bunch of expensive and even silly kitchen gadgets there are really only a few essential tools you absolutely need  in your kitchen “toolbox”.

1. Metal Spatula

This is a must in every kitchen. A metal spatula is so useful. Whether frying eggs, flipping pancakes, or checking on pot stickers, the ability to flip and transport ingredients is priceless. Although I have worked with rubber spatulas in the past, those tend to be very flimsy. A metal surface allows for stability and support and really allows you to “get under” the food. I prefer the ones that are slotted-especially when working with foods in oil or other liquids. Amazon: $8.99



2. Whisk

Besides being the most whimsical named kitchen tool, a whisk is fundamental for any baker. Whisks are ideal for beating eggs, blending salad dressings, and dissolving solids in liquids. A whisk allows air to be beaten into a liquid and is also a great easy tool for getting out lumps. The upper arm muscle is just a plus. Amazon: $4

3. Good Knife

I didn’t realize the importance of a sharp knife until after I moved away from home. Having a sharp knife that is comfortable in your hand, and one of good quality is very imperative. Being able to chop, dice, Julienne, cube, and cut ingredients to their correct size is a main component to many different food preparations. Investing in at least one high quality knife will make a world of difference in your cooking adventures and one that you will use over and over again. Amazon: $9

4. Wooden Spoon

This may seem like a no brainer, but a wooden spoon is very useful and one of my most used kitchen tool. It is so versatile. Whether stirring a brownie batter, stirring stir-fry’d veggies, or retrieving pasta from boiling water, a wooden spoon will be necessary to any cook. Amazon: $6

5. Measurements

Although it is easy to guess or estimate specific amounts of ingredients, having the right and proper measurement can decide the fate of how your food will turn out. Following a recipe is imperative when cooking and especially baking. The best part is that you can really never measure wrong as long as your ingredients are level. Having a good set of dry cups, liquid, and a teaspoon/tablespoon set is a prerequisite before getting into the kitchen. Cup and Measuring spoon set Amazon: $9 and Glass liquid measuring Amazon: $12

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