Eugene Eats: Sweet Life Patissiere


Sweet Life Patisserie is probably one of my favorite food places in Eugene. Sweet Life is a local bakery and pastry shop in Eugene, only a couple of blocks off campus. Their desserts are some of the best I have ever had. I am not even ashamed to admit that just last week, I went twice. Sweet Life prides themselves on using local, organic ingredients and makes everything from scratch. Their desserts range  from creme brulee and canolis to cheesecakes and pie along with monthly specials that use seasonal ingredients.


Walking in, your senses are assaulted with sugary goodness. A large glass case is filled tight with beautifully displayed cakes and small individual pastries. Although walking in can be a little overwhelming with the amount of options, it is definitely worth the decision making. If you have a sweet tooth, Sweet Life is  the place to get your sugar fix.2013-11-15 21.33.45

I have tried a variety of pastries including the the black bottom cupcake, cupcakes, ice-cream, and croissants. However the stars of the bakery are their specialty cakes. Although a little pricey at $4.50 a slice, the slices are huge and each different cake or torte has a unique combination. Every single one I have tried has been amazing. The actual cake part is always extremely moist and the multiple frostings and butter-creams are decadent and rich. I love how elegant and complex the flavors are. My favorite have been the Chocoalte Orgasm Orange Cake and Chocoalte Truffle Torte. Here are Sweet Life’s description of the two:

Chocolate Orgasm Orange-scented chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and vanilla custard filling, blood orange-infused French vanilla buttercream on top, with ganache on the sides

Chocolate Truffle Torte Our most decadent chocolate dessert is this flourless, rich torte topped with chocolate mousse & a topping of your choice

Sweet life needs to be on your Eugene Food To-do list. With a cozy atmosphere, friendly service, and amazing chocolate creations, it is the perfect place to indulge in.

Favorite Small Kitchen Appliances

When I was a little kid, instead of asking for normal presents such as Limited 2 clothes or a skip-it , I wanted kitchen appliances. For my 10th birthday I asked for a lime green Smoothie Maker(basically a glorified blender with a spout). And for  Hanukkah of 1997, I asked for a crepe maker. Looking back at my presents, I realize this was slightly strange compared to the average teenage girl wishlist.  Although my smoothie maker broke in a year, today my crepe maker is still one of my favorite small kitchen appliances.  I even brought it to my college apartment, and use it quite often.

Small kitchen appliances are a must for any successful kitchen or crazed-crepe-loving girl. Although a whisk, and spatula are essential they do not perform like specialty small kitchen appliances do. With technology improving by the minute, kitchen appliances are becoming crazier than ever. If you don’t believe me check out this list by Mashable, including a iPhone activated grill thermometer that alerts you when your meat is perfectly cooked. All craziness aside, Here are my personal Top 4 favorite kitchen appliances.

1. Classic Crepe Maker- VillaWare

My favorite small appliance yet. It is a lot easier than trying to flip the crepes in a pan. It also  makes them super thin, which is what you want for french style crepes.

2. Breakfast Sandwich Maker-Hamilton

This one is relatively new to the market, and I cant imagine myself living without it! Its so easy, and way healthier than buying one from McDonald’s. My favorite combo: English muffin, sausage, and egg.

3. Popcorn Popper-Orville

My family got me hooked on this. I remember when I moved in to my apartment 2 years ago this was the one thing that my dad made sure I had! These popcorn poppers are so easy to use and popcorn tastes just as delicious!

4. Immersion Tool-Cuisinart

This is so much better than my bulky smoothie maker I had when I was 10.  I mainly use it for smoothies but it also works wonderfully in soups!